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This is me, my presentation for scorum
Image of my authorship created in canva My name is Lenon Cabrera. I am 26 years old, with a degree in Hotel Management, a specialist in Marketing and a faithful enthusiast of Blockchain technology and Criptomoney. I have had many work experiences since I started my career, I have worked and held positions in different companies such as: - Administrative Accounting Analyst - Insurance Advisor - Collection Executive- Marketing and Business Special I imagine that they wondered why all these branches have nothing to do with my career hehe, because the answer is simple, I could never get any opportunity in the Hotel branch and I saw the need to look for other opportunities that today I never regret. As for how I am personally and also what is what I like to do, because I am a fairly simple person, humble, I like to help and support as many people as I can, regardless of the situation, a little extroverted (not so much haha). I really like to read and learn new things, someone ever hears the following phrase, "Knowledge is Power" and I do not mean a totalitarian power or anything like that, but by educating us and learning a little bit, will make us grow as people and more importantly will give us the necessary qualities to face any challenge we are presented with, no matter what it is, we will be ready. On the other hand, I like to travel a lot (which I don't currently do hehe), but I know that all efforts will bear fruit, which is what is important. I also like a lot the sport, which is the focal point that I wanted to tell you after talking a little about me, almost all disciplines I like, but I must highlight the following: - Basketball - Football - Baseball - Volleyball - Ping Pong The sport that I like the most is Basketball, I practice it a lot and I follow the professionals and the NBA a lot, I also like video games and sports, which I would be talking about in future publications in my blog, to track, review, analysis of any of these branches that I am passionate about and also to be able to bring them a little learning around the world. Without more than telling you, I hope you liked my presentation, I am at the complete disposal of the community. To be able to interact more leave me a comment and share your major sporting tastes with me.

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