Betman has a confession to make. Betman loaths “supporters” who are cheering only during the winning streaks. You know the types who yell: “Go strong, girls!” and then forget them after the first loss. “You are our pride!” after the winning game, but silent after defeat. Why, wouldn’t they be a pride without a medal?

Betman loves these girls. Would give a kidney to each of them. Not his own, of course, Betman is a little short in kidneys these days, but you can easily buy kidney at Facebook. And Betman would never insist on such trivial things as “victory”. Joy is much more important. They have already fulfilled that goal — we are going to see them in all 14 projected games of this championship. And for Betman, they have already won! Just look at that Ladies in Red!

Stefana Veljković (11), first tempo -- allegro! Source: FIVB
Maja Ognjenović (10) and Milena Rašić (16) explain Zero Tempo to Italian defense! Source: FIVB
Milena Rašić (16) gives high ten to Stefana Veljković (11). Source: FIVB
Team Serbia celebrate. Source: FIVB
Tijana Malešević (6) receives. Source: FIVB
Brankica Mihajlović (9) in action. Source: FIVB
Bjanka Buša (1) receives. Source: FIVB
Tijana Bošković (18) breaks Italian defense. Source: FIVB
Silvija Popović (17) dives for the ball. Source: FIVB
Team Serbia celebrate. Source: FIVB
A rare moments of missing a shot… Source: FIVB
Team Serbia celebrate overbeauting Italia :) Source: FIVB
Silvija Popović (17) and Bjanka Buša (1) after their victory. Source: FIVB
Stefana Veljković (11) and Brankica Mihajlović (9) after the victory. Source: FIVB
Never mind the bear: Tijana Bošković (18) relaxing with Volley-Boo after the match. Source: FIVB
That’s the spirit of joy Betman was talking about! Source: FIVB
Farewell photo with Volley-Boo in Nagoya. But he is also going to Yokohama with them! Source: FIVB

So, the last two games should be the easy ones: just enjoy the game and let the opponent sweat. Be most beautiful as you have been so far. Everything else doesn’t matter :)

We’ll celebrate anyway!

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