We have come to the end of the most beautiful competition this year. As Betman expected, his beauties in red have won the title. Like that is the most important…

Well, yes, there was some game…

A Fox in the Italian chicken coop. Tijana Bošković (18). Source: FIVB
Women in Red celebrate point. Source: FIVB
“You shall not pass!” Brankica Mihajlović (9) and Milena Rašić (16) block Italian Lucia Bosetti (16). Source: FIVB
Do not make Women in Red angry! Ever! Brankica Mihajlović (9) and Stefana Veljković (11) Source: FIVB
Bjanka Buša (1) saves the poor ball. Source: FIVB
Буши, хахахаха, Буши… Just set the attack for Bjanka Buša (1). Source: FIVB

And there was a victory…

…and then some celebration…

Gimme that ashtray! Source: FIVB
Invincible Women in Red! Source: FIVB
Careful ladies! It’s a full fledged false gold! Bojana Živković (4) and Tijana Malešević (6). Source: FIVB
World Champ… oh, it is written already :) Source: FIVB

Be careful, dear reader — watching so much beauty can make you forget what is really important. And the most important thing is… ahm… that is… what was it? Oh, yes, the most important thing is to remember to take your memory recovery medicine!

Incredible! Betman almost fell to the distracting and spellbinding effect of Women in Red!

See you in Euro championship… if there’s any EU left!

Finals: Serbia—Italy 3:2

Semifinals: Serbia—Netherlands 3:1

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Pool G:
Post-Match: Serbia—Italy 3:1
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Post-Match: Serbia—Japan 3:0

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Pool E:
Netherlands—Serbia 3:0
Japan—Serbia 3:1
Serbia—Germany 3:0
Serbia—Mexico 3:0

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Pool D:
Serbia—Puerto Rico 3:0
Serbia—Kazakhstan 3:0
Serbia—Brazil 3:0
Serbia—Kenya 3:0
Serbia—Dominican Republic 3:0